Changing the locks on your home’s doors and windows is important for ensuring the safety of your family. Whether you are moving home or upgrading your home security, it may be time to consider new locks and here’s why…

• You have just moved into your new house

Moving into a new home is, of course, an exciting time. However, it’s also a big job that comes with a lengthy ‘to do’ list. One of the items on that list should be to change the locks. You have no idea how many copies of the house keys the previous occupants have made or who they have issued them to, so to be on the safe side, installing new door and window locks should be a priority.

• Keeping up with the latest in-home security

The whole point of door and window locks is to keep the bad guys out and your loved ones safe on the inside. Burglars are constantly figuring out ways to break through home security which is why new innovations are being developed to keep those bad guys at bay. Making sure you replace any outdated or old locks is vital to keeping your home secure.

• General wear and tear

Did you know that worn or rusted locks are easier to pick or force open by criminals? It is important to keep an eye on your locks and make sure that they are in good order to avoid your house becoming vulnerable to break-ins. That goes for keys as well. A weakened, rusted key could snap off in a lock. Imagine being stuck on your doorstep in the pouring rain? Not an ideal situation at all! Old locks can also become rusty and difficult for you to open.

So, when it comes to ensuring that your home security measures are 100% effective, changing the locks on your doors and windows is highly recommended.

This article was written in conjunction with Melbourne removalist Hire A Mover.


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