Master Keying

Master Key Services in Perth


Master keys provide different levels of access depending on the key you have. Having a master key system makes controlling access to restricted areas of your premises simple. The structure of your master key system is fully customizable.

Levels of a Master Key System


  • Sub Master – This key may open more than one lock, but not all of the doors assigned to the system.
  • Master – This key can open all of the locks assigned to a particular store’s entire department.
  • Grand Master – This key will open all of the locks in the particular building with the key system.
  • Great Grand Master – This key is made to open all of the locks under the master key systems set up for this business, which can include more than one location.

Simple, Yet Complex Lock Systems


When you have decided to upgrade the security of your commercial property, implementing a master key system is always a good place to start. Obtain control within your premises by restricting access to those without clearance while allowing easy access to upper-level management. A master key system allows for easy access where it is desired and restricted access at your discretion.


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