In this photo, a DYI or Handy man has Installed a deadbolt on a fire door. Rendering the door illegal in most new buildings today, this would void the buildings fire insurance. Aside from that, the lock was installed sideways, meaning the screws are on the outside of the bolt at 12 and 6 instead of running through the bolt at 3 and 9 for strength.

It is now illegal to have a deadbolt on a fire door why?

1: If the bolt is thrown when the door is a jar preventing it from closing firmly then fire and smoke is allowed to escape throughout the building, which is what a fire door is designed to prevent.

2: What you don’t see on a fire door is the fire retardant materials used inside the door that are meant to hold the fire back from spreading thus allowing you and others in the building enough time to safely evacuate.

Hiring a licensed professional such as Sheehan locksmiths will ensure you are getting the proper advice when wanting to add a second lock your door.


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