Locked Bag Delivery

Locked Bag Delivery Services in Perth

Safely carry cash, jewelry, and confidential documents when you hire Sheehan Locksmiths to delivery your posessions in a locked bag. Only the intended recipient has access to the locked bag so you can be sure that your package is delivered in a safe and professional manner.

Locked Bag Delivery Services

Why Choose Us?

  • – Much cheaper than hiring armed guarads for shipments under a $500 value.
  • – Our drivers are licensed and bonded and hold the highest integrity in the community.
  • – Your goods are automatically insured under $10,000.
  • – Finger printed and fully trusted by the WA police, Australian military, local and federal governments.
  • – Our drivers are available 24 hours (penalty rates apply).
  • – Priorities are given deliveries.
  • – Secure locked bags can only be opened the intended recipient.

Convenience and Security

Locked bags provide offer a convenient and efficient alternative to houses /offices delivery. Our bags provide safe transport of private documents, currency and valuables. Many businesses, including stores, hotels, schools, restaurants, delivery services, government offices and theaters, or any operations which handle cash, currency or valuable papers can benefit from a locked bag for their internal cash protection.