So I get a call this evening, guy on the phone says he’s locked out in an apartment in the city.
He asks “how much” I tell him $175, I mean it says it right in front of his face just below my number so he doesn’t even need call and ask just to give me the address.

People don’t realise when you Google the words Locksmiths Perth (which is what everybody does making those words very expensive) it cost me between $22 to $30 for a conversion so if he calls and doesn’t like the price or just curious in case he doesn’t find his key it’s cost me I get 3 or 4 of those s in a night I’m out of pocket $80 to $120 bucks and I haven’t left the house.

So he asks how long for me to get there, I tell him 15 because I’m not far. He says “ah yeah never mind I have a guy for $165 but he’s 45 min away “ so I say no worries, ( I mean I got to eat too) I’ll match his price and see you in 15 minutes to which he agrees. I get to his place, a well dressed business man in a real cruisie pad across from Her Majesties theatre.

Whilst I’m opening his door one of my regular customers calls he’s locked out in Subi, he’s 78 and on a pension, in one of the older tiny flats pretty much owns 3 outfits, he wouldn’t dream of asking for a cheaper price, even tho he needs it more then His Majesties here.

I understand when you need it you need it, but…

Ps: I gave him a discount without him asking, to which he was grateful.
( well maybe I don’t have to eat so much tonight ?)


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