Cabinet Locks

Square Back Cupboard Lock

The Carbine Cupboard Lock is a next-generation product, providing you with one lock to suit all applications for cupboard and drawer locking. The product is completely modular with changeable function (from latch to bolt and vice versa) and four possible locking directions. With this sort of versatility and a distinct price advantage over other similar products, there is little reason to use anything else.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Easy to remove the cylinder by undoing three screws
  • Will retrofit most common brands
  • 30mm lock housing projection, 12mm lock case
  • Uses a standard 530 cylinder

  • Chrome plate
  • Satin chrome

Round Back Cupboard Locks

The 11mm cam locks are primarily used for sheet metal manufacturing such as letterboxes and in some cases acrylic fabrication. These cam locks come with a hexagon nut for installation.

  • Round face with a body length of 11mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, and 32mm
  • All cam locks are nut fixed
  • 200 different key combinations
  • Master key available (GMASTER)
  • Keyblanks available, use Keyline LF16 (Silca LF6R

CL Slam Lock

Slamlocks are very useful for cash drawer applications or any high use drawers in counters in shopfitting. This enables the end user to close the drawer quickly without the use of a key to limit access to contents of the drawers. Can also be used on cupboard doors where a quick close is required.

  • CL drawer lock range has a square base and is made of diecast zinc
  • This lock range has an interchangeable barrel system
  • This square lock range can be used to suit a door lock or a cupboard lock just by rotating the barrel on the lock housing
  • Square lock housings have an offset cylinder
  • Lock has a spring loaded latch for push closing
  • Lock has a bolt projection of 10mm
  • Also available in a high-security dimple key series with up to 800 key differs
  •  Master and removal key available

Cam Locks Quick Fix

A round face filing cabinet lock with a quick fix operation that has a 180 degree movement. Supplied less barrel, enabling it to be used with CL interchangeable barrel system. It is supplied with a 6mm diameter, 42mm long pin, which can be cut back in size, job dependant. Body length of 20mm, nickel plated finish only.

Flush Handle

A vertically fixed recessed flush handle used on metal hinged door cabinets.

  • Fits metal cabinets with a thickness of between 0.8mm & 1mm
  • Cam locks horizontally in a 9 o’clock position, handle turns 45 degrees clockwise to unlock
  • Made of zinc alloy diecast, both lock body and handle
  •  Body is a black finish with a chrome plated handle
  • Locks are master keyed and master keys are available
  • Key removable in both locked and unlocked positions