This is what was waiting for me when I showed up in Dianella this morning, a young family just purchased a new home and this was the set of keys they were given for the house. Each door had a minimum of two locks per door plus a security door. I was asked if I could simplify their lives a little.

No wonder people die and fires can you imagine trying to find the right key to get out of your house with the fire alarm blazing, smoke billowing out into the air, you gasping for a breath of air, worrying about your kids and your precious belongings never mind your own life trying to get out the door… that my friend is a recipe for disaster.

Once I was done I reduced the whole house down to one, that’s right one key… This includes windows, sliding doors, Security doors, garage doors, outdoor padlocks, even the shed.

Some say “if you lose that one key you have to change everything”, this is true, what would you rather, die in a death trap or rekey your locks? That would be covered on your contents insurance anyway if the key was ever lost or stolen.

We could even put your locks on a master key system, where You have one key that operates the front door, that you give to your kids and a master key for yourself that operates all the doors.


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