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Installing a door closer is a functional way to protect your property from environmental elements and slamming doors. Our experience, along with top-of-the-line products from leading manufacturers, will ensure a proper door closer installation for your commercial property.

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Door Closer Types


  • Regular-Arm Overhead Door Closer – The regular arm (also called standard arm) is a pull-side, located on the exterior of the door. It has two arms, one attached to the frame and another to a spring-loaded box on the pull-side of the door. This is the most power-efficient option available.


  • Top-Jamb Overhead Door Closer – These door closers have arms that project out from the door perpendicularly. They are different from the regular arm because the spring-loaded box is mounted on the face of the doorframe. Since they’re a great fit for narrow top rails, top jambs are often used for aluminum or glass storefront doors.


  • Parallel Arm Door Closer – These are one of the most common types of door closers, especially in commercial properties and schools. This is because they reduce the risk of vandalism to the arm and they are more attractive than other overhead options.


  • Automatic Door Operator Closer – Automatic swing door operators make opening and closing doors effortless. These satisfy a broad range of demands for businesses. They are dependable, convenient and visually appealing.


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