Terms & Conditions

  • I am the owner current owner or resident of said premises that I’m engaging Sheehan Locksmiths to give me access to.
  • I have tried all avenues to gain access prior to calling Sheehan locksmiths
  • I fully understand once agreeing to the following terms and conditions that canceling the services of Sheehan locksmiths within one hour of the booking will result in the full-service call being charged to your credit card or bank account which is none refundable.

The service call covers the adds used for you to find Sheehan locks, the cost of fuel, tools of the trade, training, insurances such as public liability, bonding, police Licencing of the employees and vehicle registration.

Terms and conditions of engaging Sheehan locksmiths services.

Canceling within one hour of booking the services of Sheehan locksmiths will result in the full-service call being charged to you which is none refundable. With this in mind.

We encourage you to try all avenues to gain access prior to engaging Sheehan locksmiths
This includes:
1: Calling your real estate agent prior to calling Sheehan Locksmiths and waiting for them to get back to you.
2: Checking with neighbors, friends and or relatives for a spare key.
3: Trying all doors and windows for one that might be unlocked.
4: We strongly recommend NOT CLIMBING on the roof to remove tiles. (This is extremely dangerous and not worth the price of getting hurt )
5: DO NOT call and engage the services of Sheehan locksmiths, then continue to try and open the door, as even if you are successful you will still be charged the entire call out fee.
6: Call the police or fire department in the event your child or pet is locked in the car. Whilst we try and attend every job as fast as humanly possible if there’s immediate danger call the emergency authorities.

Calls are received in clusters do to the Google algorithms, we have to pick and chose which jobs we can do most efficiently and economically as possible, according to our location of the time the jobs come in. If we say no to Job in Joondalup and yes to a job in Fremantle, then the job in Fremantle cancels after 10 minutes the driver loses both jobs there for canceling once the job is booked is the reason for you being charged the full-service call.

Please understand when you book Sheehan locksmiths it’s because you have no other options.
Our locksmiths are on call 24 hours and or entire weekends and do not get paid to answer
Your calls at all hours unless they get a job, if they get a job they are paid for a minimum of 3 hours according to WA labor laws.

This is another reason the full-service call is charged out to you, once you end the phone call and the driver has been hired, he gets paid regardless of whether or not he does the job.